Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dirty Politics: One News Colmar-Brunton Snap Poll

[UPDATE: Fairfax-Ipsos Poll added at bottom of post]

 One News Colmar-Brunton         Snap Poll on Dirty Politics                 
 509 Respondents                            August 14-15                                                    
 Q 1:  "Have you heard of Nicky Hager's latest book called Dirty Politics which was released on Wednesday ?"                                                        
 Entire Sample             Yes 77%            No 23%                                        
 High Yes    - Those aged 35+  89%       - NZ Europeans  87%                  
 Low Yes     - Those aged 18-34 46%           - Auckland Residents 68%                         - Labour Supporters 68%                                                         

 Q 2:  "His book suggests smear campaigns and leaks were organised at the highest levels of the National Party including the Prime Minister's Office.  Do you believe these  suggestions ?"                                        
 Entire Sample             Yes 28%       No 43%        Don't Know 29%            
 National Supporters    Yes 10%      No 68%         Don't Know 23%           
 High Yes - Christchurch Residents 45%    - Labour and Green Supporters    43%                                                                                                            
 High No   - National Supporters 68%                                                          

 Q 3:  "Have these allegations  positively or negatively influenced your    view of the National Party or have they not made  much difference ?"    
 Entire Sample     Positively 4%   Negatively 9%   Not Much Diff 82%     Don't Know 5%                                                                                           
 National Supporters    Positively 5%    Negatively 2%    Not Much Diff   91%    Don't Know 3%                                                                                
 High Negative              - Labour and Green Supporters 19%                     
 High Not Much Diff    - National Supporters 91%                                     

 Q 4:  "As a result of these allegations are you now more or less likely to vote on Election Day or have they not made much difference ?"             
 Entire Sample     More Likely 12%    Less Likely 1%    Not much diff    87%                                                                                                            
 High More Likely    - Labour Supporters 19%                                         
 Note: Colmar-Brunton only highlight sub-group demographics that         diverge from the average to a statistically significant extent                      All other demographics will be close to the Entire Sample Percentages     

        Fairfax-Ipsos Poll on Dirty Politics                                                  
        1002 Respondents                       August 21-27                                  
 Q 1: "Investigative journalist Nicky Hager has recently published a book that focuses on the past 6 years of Prime Minister John Key's Government titled 'Dirty Politics'. In your eyes, do you think John Key's reputation has been damaged by the book's claims ?"                                                         
 Entire Sample          Yes  47%       No 43%          Don't Know 11%            

 Q 2: "Do you think the claims made in the book 'Dirty Politics' and what has been reported in the media these last few  days will change your vote in the upcoming NZ election ?"                                                                   
  Entire Sample           Yes 8%       No 87%        Don't Know 5%               

  Q 3: "Do you believe that all politicians 'play dirty' as it's all just part of the politics and being a politician in NZ ?"                                                  
  Entire Sample         Yes 55%       No 41%          Don't Know 4%              
  National Voters       Yes  62%      No Data on     No   and   Don't Know   
  Labour Voters         Yes  47%      No Data on     No   and   Don't Know   

  Q 4: "Which Political Parties, if any, do you think 'play dirty' ?"           
  Respondents nominating   National   28%                                            
  Respondents nominating   Internet-Mana   17%                                 
  Respondents nominating   Labour   17%                                              
  Respondents nominating   NZ First     7%                                     
  Respondents nominating   Greens    6%                                  
  Respondents nominating   Cons      1%                                        
   Other  12%       All of Them  31%         None 4%                     Don't Know 19%